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>The Research Council of Makeup Artists (RCMA)

The Research Council of Makeup Artists (RCMA)

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The Research Council of Makeup Artists was founded by renowned makeup artist Vincent JR Kehoe in 1962. RCMA was organised to further the research and development of specialised professional makeup products for the film, television and stage industry. Mr. Kehoe developed and designed a special foundation formula for professional working makeup artists which he called “Colour Process Foundation.” It is considered the number one choice of foundation by professionals.

Why is RCMA better than other theatrical or amateur production makeup?

First, Professional Makeup is primarily judged on foundation and here we have major differences from all other foundations, commercial or theatrical, on the market today anywhere in the world. The basic qualities of RCMA "Colour Process" FOUNDATION are:

  • It is manufactured under very stringent, small batch conditions where the ingredients are weighed out to the gram to maintain both consistency and colour standards exactly.

  • It contains vegetable oils, pure waxes and FDA approved colours. It does NOT contain any perfume, lanolin, petrolatum or mineral oil – the first two have caused allergenic reactions on some skins and the last two are not absorbed by the skin so remain to cause excess oiliness on the surface.  Note that other theatrical foundations contain mineral oil or petrolatum as a major ingredient.

  • Exact colour standards are maintained in RCMA FOUNDATIONS from batch to batch and tested on each run against standards. To a makeup artist this is most important for colour-matching.

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