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This iconic brand has been in the beauty business for over 25 years and is well known for high quality products by makeup artists and...

 Makeup /  Sydney / 176 views

eliza kemp

AH Cosmetics, is founded by Ann Hassarati, renowned makeup artist with over 20 years experience. Ann prides herself  in providing the best professional makeup brushes....

 Cruelty Free,Makeup /  Sydney / 285 views

nik dorning

AFXCo, makers of Bluebird Inks and The Dark Arts Company - are proud to debut our newest range of creative products at The Show Sydney....

 Body Painting,Cruelty Free,Makeup,Skin Care /  Sydney / 349 views

eliza kemp

The roots of The Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup go back over 20 years when passionate makeup artists and educators came together to create a...

 Hair,Makeup,Skin Care /  Sydney / 235 views

eliza kemp

The Australian College of Make-Up and Special Effects (ACMUSE) was originally known as Film Make-up Technology, providing industry training for 40 years. ACMUSE aims to...

 Makeup /  Sydney / 219 views

edward kim

We create makeup tools to offer more choices and better control over the application in professional beauty and special effects makeup. Our goal is to...

 Body Painting,Cruelty Free,Makeup /  Sydney / 166 views

eliza kemp

Welcome to BeauDazzled. Our team has a combined 20+ years’ experience in women’s health in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Canberra, and Adelaide. This is where...

 Makeup,Skin Care /  Sydney / 237 views

eliza kemp

Bellevue Beauty is a leading Brisbane Beauty Academy offering beauty courses in beauty therapy, makeup and retail cosmetics. Established for over 30 years we offer...

 Body Painting,Hair,Makeup,Skin Care /  Sydney / 190 views

eliza kemp

Ben Nye Makeup is a family-owned business dedicated to serving professionals through-out the world. Ben Nye, Sr. used his broad film experience to design his...

 Body Painting,Cruelty Free,Makeup /  Sydney / 173 views


Camilk Australia has a herd of free range camels in Northern Victoria. We are proud to launch our range of Camel Milk hair and beauty...

 Hair,Skin Care /  Sydney / 204 views

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