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eliza kemp

Award winning makeup artist Li-Sa Choi and Shylie Parsons. Over the past four years these two internationally recognized artists have a myriad of awards under...

 Body Painting,Hair,Makeup /  Sydney / 278 views

eliza kemp

SENNA is a complete cosmetics line known for its superb skin perfecting foundations, richly pigmented eye colours, innovative mineral makeup, and the patented Form A-Brow® stencil kit that launched...

 Makeup /  Sydney / 161 views

eliza kemp

Scotty's Make-up & Beauty, est.1980, has been supplying the Australian beauty industry with professional lines of make-up, special effects (SFX), skincare and haircare for over 35...

 Body Painting,Makeup,Skin Care /  Sydney / 517 views

eliza kemp

Renee Touma founded Renee Touma Makeup in 2016, an all in one makeup studio that is based in Sydney and operated by Renee. Renee is...

 Sydney / 169 views

eliza kemp

Real Techniques brushes combine high-tech materials with innovative design to make creating a pixel-perfect look easier than ever. The range has been designed with internationally...

 Makeup /  Sydney / 124 views

eliza kemp

At first glance, Parian Spirit seems like just an effective, natural brush cleaner that has a pleasant orange scent. It would be great even if...

 Makeup /  Sydney / 208 views

eliza kemp

openshop is a brand new shopping experience with the aim to expand and compliment the current market. Customers can shop over three platforms; on Channel...

 Hair,Makeup,Skin Care /  Sydney / 900 views

eliza kemp

Ofra Gaito, a therapist and makeup artist, entered the beauty industry in 1979. During the years she lived in South Africa, Ofra worked in the...

 Makeup,Skin Care /  Sydney / 231 views

eliza kemp

The idea and driving force behind Nanshy is simple: “Help as many people as we can enhance their beauty and appearance for an even better...

 Makeup /  Sydney / 137 views

eliza kemp

MODELROCK are Australia's premier lash emporium and leading supplier and manufacturer of premium quality faux lashes.   The brand, which is now globally renowned, has...

 Cruelty Free,Makeup /  Sydney / 316 views

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